After reading about C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE), I planned on trying to get some photos, but the weather did not cooperate for a few days. I was able to finally get out to photograph it on the evening of July 13th at Prairie Creek Reservoir here in Muncie. It was a clear night, and the reservoir’s eastern shore provided a great unobstructed view to the north west.

Once I was able to locate the general area of the comet and get the camera pointed in that direction, it was instantly visible on the LCD screen once I adjusted the camera’s setting for longer night exposures.

Unfortunately, that is also the direction that faces Muncie, so there was a fair amount of light pollution in the images. Initially the comet was hard to spot, but as my eyes adjusted it was a little easier to see. Binoculars made it much easier to observe with the naked eye.

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