A Morning with the Coopers (Hawks)

It has become my tradition to spend an hour and a half on Saturday morning walking around the White River on the east side of Muncie, Indiana to see what I can photograph while my wife teaches yoga. My route usually takes me along the River and through the John Craddock Wetlands Nature Preserve. Today I took a different route, starting at the Cardinal Greenway Depot on Wysor Street and following the greenway east/south. After just a few minutes, I came upon a hawk sitting on a branch hanging over the greenway. It flew over to the north side of the trail, just into the woods and I cautiously crept closer and set up my tripod. As I was photographing it, a second hawk flew in and perched on the same tree. Both were around 20 feet from me and didn’t seem bothered by my presence. They allowed me to photograph and take video of them for several minutes. A great morning with two awesome birds.

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